all about me....(Natalie Hughes)

I have worked and studied architecture, design and fine arts in Australia and Europe. I have experience on a wide variety of projects including working in the theatre, photo shoots, textiles, web, video, furniture design, illustrating and graphic work...

I have always sought to fulfil my creative passion by exploring a hybrid of the arts. I strongly believe in developing a more collaborative bond between the many facets of artistic expression. I have established my creative practices by experimenting with traditional artistic practices as well as new media.

I find inspiration in the world; places I have lived and traveled. I am also intrigued by the human body and the way it engages with its surrounds.

In my adult life, these journeys and interests have had the greatest formative influence on the execution and application of my artistic projects.

I have a great collaborative network of fellow designers, artists and technicians who i often work with on my projects. If you are interested in finding out more about me and my work, or are interested in working with me, please shoot me an email.